A peachy Christmas with family

(This was Written dec 07 and i just found it and thought it was worthy of putting on my blogerthingy)

Well another Christmas has come and gone and I have to say it was not a bad day. Spending some time with my family who I get to see on a ( decent ) regular basis wasn’t bad. Being a comic Instead of just ranting about shit and burping out negativity as I usually do, It was a fun few hours doing the exchanging gifts thing, ( 3 gifts…count em,,3) and just hanging around my brothers BEAUTIFUL fucking house.( I rent the basement of my dads house, another story for another day). We chuckled at each others shortcomings and never acknowledged our positive traits.My sister is a nervous wreck like most of our older generation kin and she hasnt realized how bad she is, my mother is a filter free, self abosrbed, interrupter of conversations, my dad is a 1/2 deaf ginuea who cant seem to get over  the past about his and my mothers relationship ( divorced 23 yrs ago), my brother who is an obsessed maniac about most things and has NO IDEA he is crazy like the rest of us, and finally me the financial black sheep of the family who everyone wants around so I can “break the ice “with my horrid sense of humor. THAT is whats Christmas is all about, getting together with family, ripping into each other, and knowing that we do love each other, faults and all. Considering my parents were HORRIBLE communicationists   ( if that’s a word) I think me and my sibs are doing ok,and I think having that self awareness is a trait that we all need to have  (that I have way too much of). So if you spent a little time with your family and wondered, “what the fuck am I doing here?”  Mission accomplished, now go spend new years with some friends who really dont give a fuck about you unless things are rosey and peachy in their own lives, that’s good old fashioned fake fun, and we love every minute of it.